BlackCloak Update for macOS Devices
  • 12 May 2023
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BlackCloak Update for macOS Devices

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Article Summary

Here's how to update the BlackCloak app to ensure your device is protected following macOS updates that Apple releases.

Step 1: Download and install the update package:

  • Download the update package from here.
  • Double-click the file labeled BlackCloakMDM.pkg in your Downloads folder
  • Proceed through the installer:
    • Fist click 'Continue', then 'Install'. Next, enter your password and select 'Install Software' (pictured below). The installation window will automatically close and the first step is complete.

jamf 1.png

Step 2: Profile Installation:

Once the previous installation window disappears, the System Settings app will open to the Profiles screen (pictured below). Proceed through the following steps to complete the installation.

  • Double Click the MDM Profile:
    • Click 'Install'
    • Click 'Install'
    • Enter in your password and click 'Enroll'

Once you have clicked 'Enroll' in the previous step, you have now completed the upgrade. The System Settings window will close on its own in 3-5 minutes, but you are more than welcome to close the window manually. Thank you for updating!

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