When and How to Report Fraud to the FTC
  • 30 Mar 2023
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When and How to Report Fraud to the FTC

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Article Summary

Scammers are continuously looking for ways to trick unsuspecting victims into turning over sensitive personal information and monetary funds. While it may seem as though most of these scams take place online, malicious actors can perform these scams through the phone as well. To combat scammers, the FTC has set up a designated page for individuals to report incidents of fraud, ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

This client guide will walk you through the steps to report fraud to the FTC. You can follow along with the step-by-step instructions here, or consult our on-demand webinar, "Reporting Fraud to the FTC."

When to Report Fraud to the FTC

The FTC advises anyone to report fraud under these circumstances:

  • You know it's a scam
  • You believe it's a scam
  • You are not happy about a business practice

If you aren't sure a message you have received is legitimate or not, you can see whether it has any hallmarks of a scam. You can learn more about them by watching our on-demand webinar, Spotting Cyber Scam Red Flags." You can also email the BlackCloak Concierge Team. The FTC also has a frequently asked questions page if you need more information on reporting fraud.

How to Report Fraud to the FTC

Here are the step-by-step instruction on reporting fraud to the FTC. Before you get started, it's important to collect as much information about the scam as possible.

After Filling out the Fraud Report

Here are some important items to note once you are done filing your report with the FTC:

  • Save a copy of your report locally and print out a copy for your records, as it will contain your confirmation number
  • The FTC will not contact you after you file the report. Anyone claiming to represent the FTC is a scammer. When faced with one of these calls, report it to the FTC's designated number 202-326-2000
  • If you need to update your fraud report, you can do so here

What the FTC Will Do, and What They Can't Do

The FTC cannot take action on behalf of individual consumers. Your report will help the FTC investigate and bring cases against scammers. The FTC cannot get your money back, but the agency will provide you with materials to help you with materials to help you attempt to recover any lost funds. If you sent money via a wire transfer, you can learn how to recover your money by watching our on-demand webinar, Watching Out for Wire Fraud.

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