Zoom Conference Security
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Zoom Conference Security

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Secure Your Zoom Meetings

Please note, there is no true end-to-end encryption for this platform so urge caution with what is said or sent in chat rooms during meetings.

Password Protect Meetings

  • Add passwords to all meetings. Previously, Zoom did not have this enabled by default. However, they have updated their platform so now when you create a meeting, Zoom automatically enables the "Meeting Password" requirement. Leave this setting to prevent unwanted/unauthorized individuals from accessing the meeting.

Enable the waiting room feature

  • Once the meeting is created, enter the advanced settings area, select 'enable waiting room', then save.
  • This places guests joining the meeting in a temporary room where the host will then permit access into the meeting by visiting the 'Manage Participants' area selecting admit where necessary.
  • This will allow you to control who can join your meeting and ensure zero unauthorized access.

Keep your Zoom application/client updated

  • Always keep the Zoom application/client up to date to ensure the latest security and vulnerability patches are implemented. If you receive a prompt to update, install the update. As new vulnerabilities are discovered, new updates will be released.

Lock the meeting once all participants have joined

  • This will prevent unauthorized access to your meeting.
  • To implement, select 'Manage Participants' on the Zoom toolbar, then select 'More', then select 'Lock Meeting'.

Do not post meeting invite details publicly

  • Only share meeting invitation details with your intended recipients.
  • Posting the meeting invite details publicly could create unwanted access attempts to your meeting.

Don’t Use Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to Create Meetings

  • Your PMI is unique to you and does not change.
  • If you use your PMI for meetings, attendees of a prior meeting could join a meeting in the future that they were not meant to attend if the meeting is not password protected.

Control who can share screens during a meeting

  • As a Meeting Host you have access to Advanced Sharing Permissions once the meeting starts.
  • Click on the up arrow next to 'Share Screen' in the Zoom toolbar and then click on 'Advanced Sharing Options. It’s recommended to change the sharing to “Only Host” so that participants cannot just start sharing screens, especially if you don’t want them to.

Stay vigilant for Zoom malware attacks

  • Malware is being bundled with Zoom “installers”. Make sure you are downloading the Zoom client directly from Zoom’s website. If something seems off or questionable, contact the BlackCloak Concierge team.

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